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Transferring the assets of someone who has recently died can cause emotional and financial strain. In some instances, disagreements and procedural snags can seriously threaten the value of the decedent’s estate. At my Palm Harbor firm, the Law Office of Nancy J. Oset, I work with personal representatives and beneficiaries to see that the probate process is carried out efficiently and consistent with the testator’s instructions. Whether the estate requires a simple distribution or involves substantial holdings, my firm delivers sound counsel tailored to your particular needs.

Efficient attorney handles a full range of probate proceedings

With an extensive background in probate and estate planning matters, I can identify the best method to settle a Florida estate. Options available under state law include:

  • Formal administration — Under this process, the person named as executor in the will files the document in court and operates under the judge’s supervision to gather and distribute the decedent’s property.
  • Summary administration — When the value of an estate doesn’t exceed $75,000, the executor can file a Petition for Summary Administration. Rather than having the executor obtain approval from the judge to carry out estate administration tasks, the court issues an order allocating property as specified in the will.
  • Disposition without administration — If someone dies without real estate or extensive assets, this simplified process allows a person who has paid for final expenses to obtain reimbursement from estate funds.

As you enter the probate process, it’s important to remember that certain assets, such as life insurance proceeds, jointly held property, and assets in a living trust, are not part of the estate. My firm will conduct a complete review of your circumstances so you know where you stand.

Dedicated advocate takes effective action to enforce the terms of a will

The formal estate administration process presents a difficult challenge to many people who have been designated as an executor or appointed as administrator. My firm gives you the support you need to tackle duties such as:

  • Filing with state court — When someone dies with a will, the document should be filed promptly with the clerk of the circuit court where the decedent lived. From there, the court appoints a personal representative for the estate, which usually will be the person referred to as the executor in the will.
  • Sending letters of administration — To give the personal representative the authority to gather assets and bring them into the estate, the court issues letters of administration. By showing these documents, the representative can shift legal ownership to the estate while probate is pending. If certain property is difficult to locate or secure, I can help you overcome legal obstacles.
  • Managing estate inventory and expenses — Taxes and other expenses must be paid during the period while the estate gets settled. Throughout the process, my firm maintains a detailed inventory of estate assets and ensures that any obligations are satisfied.
  • Dealing with disputes — If disagreements arise regarding the testator’s true intentions, I’ll take prompt action to resolve these disputes appropriately.
  • Distributing assets to beneficiaries — Once all of the property has been accumulated into the estate, the assets can be allocated based on the will’s terms. When the process is completed and receipts are submitted to the court, the estate can be closed.

Each estate is unique, so it’s important to obtain individualized advice from a qualified probate lawyer who will focus on your situation. I offer my clients the sound advice and seasoned counsel they deserve during what is often an emotionally difficult time.

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