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Creating a legally enforceable will not only benefits your prospective heirs but also gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your final wishes will be carried out. My Palm Harbor firm, the Law Office of Nancy J. Oset, has been helping individuals and families draft authoritative wills and other estate instruments since 1994. I work personally with each client to prepare a document that reflects their values and goals. Whether you’re concerned about tax consequences, making a significant charitable bequest or simply want to allocate your assets as efficiently as possible, I will provide the knowledgeable counsel that you deserve.

Dedicated lawyer drafts documents suited to clients’ needs

As an experienced estate planning attorney, I can help you find ways to shift your assets upon death just as you wish. You will receive a thorough overview of relevant issues, such as:

  • Legal requirements — Florida wills must be written by a person of sound mind who is at least 18 years old or an emancipated minor. Two competent witnesses must observe the testator’s signing of the will and attest to the signature’s authenticity.
  • Tax issues — Before you develop your estate plan, it’s important to understand if your assets might be subject to federal estate tax. There is no similar state tax in Florida. People sometimes overlook real estate and financial holdings when evaluating their situation. That oversight could lead to significant liability later, so you want to get a professional assessment at the outset.
  • Averting disputes — When you draft a will, a key objective is to help your intended heirs avoid probate complications. Disputes over testamentary terms can erode the value of the estate. By including clear language, eliminating ambiguities and helping you select an appropriate executor, I can minimize the possibility of a probate dispute.

My firm takes great care to ensure that wills and other legal instruments such as trusts, guardianship documents and living wills, provide the security and protection that you and your loved ones deserve.

Experienced adviser reviews and revises testamentary documents

Life moves quickly. Changes in relationships and financial fortunes can drastically affect your goals and priorities. When these changes occur, my firm can help you make revisions to your will and other estate planning documents that reflect your current intentions. If you already have a will but haven’t reviewed it in a few years, my firm can go over it with you to ensure that it accurately reflects your wishes. You can review your will at any time, and I will make necessary revisions in a legal, cost-effective manner.

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The Law Office of Nancy J. Oset advises Florida clients on the drafting, review and enforcement of wills and other estate planning instruments. Please call 727-325-1618 or contact me online to make an appointment for a consultation at my Palm Harbor office.

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